How to Improve Your Reading Habit

Reading is a great habit, all successful people read books

Shawon Sarowar
4 min readMay 2, 2021

At my early age, I had been reading many books. I almost read 800+ books. I loved to read classic, thriller, detective, history. There were also many types of books in my reading list — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, modern, or myths. I was hungry for reading. I read whatever I could find in front of me. But one day I realized, It can’t continue in this way. I realized I read a lot of books. But there were a large number of garbage books I also read. So I determined that I had to stop it.

So, After reading many books review, I created a shortlist.

I had 50 books on my first shortlist, including the bestseller, novel, and history. And I understood at that time I hadn’t read any garbage books. It gave me great pleasure. Today, I have a 100 books challenge list. I already read 42 of those lists.

First of all, I am going to share with you actually how I read! Well, Once I had no reading habit. But I created a good habit. I always put a book in my around. I always put it on the side of my table where I work. When I go to sleep I carry a book with my bed. I read some pages of this book before I sleep. When I work at my table long time I got tired. A book on the side of my table helps me to get out of that tiredness. When I just bored, I pick it up and start to read it. After reading some of the pages I go back to my work. Those pages really give me a lot of refreshment. I repeat this again and again. And one day I noticed that I just finished this book. Then, according to my list, I buy a new one. And again I read it and then buy a new one. This is just how I read. It’s so simple. You can also create a reading habit. I attached a guide for you.

First, you must have a list. Without a list, you can’t move forward. A list makes your all tasks easier. You don’t need to read more and more books. Your need is too little. Does sound contradictory? okay, you don’t need to read many garbage books. So you need a shortlist. Create it. Join book reader groups/Pages on social media, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Follow the opinions of the readers of those groups. See the Goodreads books rating. Read books review. And create your own list.

You have to set the reading time. For your reading, time management is a very important issue. Without proper time management, you can not finish your list at the scheduled time. So you must have set your daily time on reading. It helps you to complete your full list.

Always carry a book. I already said that on the side of my table I always put a book. When I’m going to bed, I carry a book with me. If you really want to read, do it. It will help you a lot.

Reduce wasting your time on social media. Now, you have to reduce your time on social media. If you cannot do it, I advise you to join many groups/pages that publish a lot of content about books or reading. If you spend your social media time with this you’ll have a lot of improvement.

Always try to set up a goal. Based on your booklist set up a goal. It can be half-yearly or yearly. It’s your choice. My advice for you that you have to strick with your reading goal. You can choose some kind of mobile application to make your goal easier. You can choose Goodreads, LibraryThing, or Shelfari-like platforms. Those platforms were built for the author and the reader. On those platforms, you can earn a lot of information about your reading.

Talk about books with your friends. Your family member, friend, colleague, and colleague talk with them about what you are reading. Motivate them to read. It is more helpful for your reading.

Go to Library once a week/month. The library is a great platform for both readers and writers. You can find many readers there. That environment helps you to increase your reading ability.

So, start reading books. Books will make you happy and successful.

Happy reading.